“Cannot start RTCSRV Service” – Specific error code – 2147014847. Skype for Business Access Edge on Local Computer (English)

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This is my first article in English, now I will combine the articles in Spanish and English to facilitate the work of visitors. My English is not very advanced but I hope to help with my articles to all who encounter the same problems that I have found and here I am telling. Or simply the intention to use English is to reach more lovers of microsoft unified communications, Skype world for business, office 365, cloud, and etc…

I chose this last article, a problem which I have already met several times “Cannot start RTCSRV Service”. When the RTCSRV service is not started on the EDGE server, It can be normally for the following reasons:

– Problem with some of the certificates
– Some of the latest updates installed
– Some cumulative update of Skype for Business

This is what I usually find in some customers, but, this time, the situation was different, first, I will show the design.


Is noteworthy in this design that external firewall in DMZ is no NAT, the public IP addresses are directly posted on the Internet. This design was working fine until we installed the CU of June 2016 in the EDGE Server and we installed the security updates for Windows, when we restart we saw that the service «Skype for Business Server Access Edge» gave us the following error:


The first thing we did was uninstall updates, to restart the service, we saw these two errors:



After seeing that none of the usual reasons were the cause of the error, we remember that not long ago the customer changed the approach in its public IP address. Returning to the initial design. The «Public IP 1» and «Public IP 4» we had the same IP in the network interface for «sip.dominio.com» and the Rever Proxy:


There was a problem of incompatibility in the design and the Server was unable to start the Service.

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