ms-diagnostics:33038 reason «Cannot transfer the call to another pool» and Conference ID not Found (English)

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Hello all,

Again here, with one of those curious mistakes this time one of those of a global topology there are two «Skype sites» with two «Front-End Pools» separated by a dedicated network for the customer, such as an MPLS network for example.


We have this design:


We have two Site in Skype for Business, one in «SPAIN» and another in «UK» linked by a dedicated network, the two sites have their output to the local PSTN through «Gateway / SBC» and its corresponding Mediation Server, all right here.


The client uses much the service «Skype Conference Call», because in some of its offices still are not migrated to Unified Communications and has VoIP PBX, in this case all audio conferencing service is housed in one of the Front End Pool, specifically in the UK that houses all accounts «Dial in Access Number«.

El Servicio Doméstico «Dial in Access Number» se encuentra en el Pool del Reino Unido y el Conference ID se puede alojar en el Spain Pool y el Reino Unido.

  1. A user in Spain, creates a conference with Conference ID. 60051
  2. He sends the ID to the contacts for the meeting
  3. A UK User connected to the PSTN dials the number «Dial in Access Number» of UK with number +44 20 7234XX XX to enter the meeting
  4. The user dial the Conference ID 60051 and receive the following message «sorry, I can not connect to your meeting right now«.

When the call is received by «Dial in Access Number» in the UK and the Conference ID was on the Front End SPAIN this error occurred.



To solve the problem, the first thing we can put a trace with the «logging tool» in the Front End pool of UK and launch a test.

We could see the following error:


“Cannot transfer the call to another pool”

To solve this error simply change the parameter «Refer Support» to False

Set-CsTrunkConfiguration -Identity (Trunk_Name) -EnableReferSupport $false


After changing the Enable Support Refer parameter to «False» in the UK Pool was able to connect the call audio conferencing service with the conference ID of the user Spain Pool


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