Hyper-V component is not running in a VMWare Server

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Today I do not bring an «article» related about Skype for Business or Lync Server, but testing Cloud Connector lab, I found a pretty interesting problem and I think it can be helpful.

The Cloud Connector has 4 virtual machines that install itself in a HOST Hyper-V


In this case my lab is based on VMWare, concretly in ESX 5.1, this is my virtual environment. When preparing the virtual machine I would do from HOST for cloud connector in VMWare and enable within Hyper-V during the installation I encountered the following error:

«An error ocurred while arrempting to start the selected virtual machine(s)»


This problem is due to install Hyper-V Host on a VMWare machine, and to solve it we did the following:

1) Power off the virtual machine


2) Once the machine is turned off, select «Edit Settings«.


3) Download the * .vmx file, with the virtual machine selected, go to the «Summary» tab.


4) In the section «Resources» on the Storage, right-clicking the mouse and select «Browse Datastore


5) A new window will open, select the virtual machine in particular and download the file with * .vmx termination


6) Once we have the downloaded file, we will edit it with Notepad ++ and add the following options

vhv.enable = TRUE

hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = FALSE


You have to respect the position of the lines, and place the new options between «cleanShutdown» and «migrate.hostlog«

7) When we have the edited file we save it and upload it to the «Datastore«


Aconsejo cambiar el nombre al fichero .vmx existente y subir el nuevo

8) Now we can close the Datastore, re-enter the configuration by selecting the «Edit Settings» option as in step 2

9) Select the «Options» tab after and mark «CPU / MMU Virtualization«

Use Intel VT-x/AMD-V for instrucción set virtualization and Intel EPT/AMD RVI MMU virtualization


We already have our virtual machine in VMWare ESX ready to install a HOST of Hyper-V

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